Week 26


36 cm


1 lb 7 oz

As your baby is growing, your discomforts might be too. A gentle exercise routine, approved by your doctor, will alleviate your physical aches and enhance your mood. Read on for this week’s developments.

By the time you reach your third trimester, your baby measures around 36cm long and weighs around 1lb 7oz but not for long; over the next 3 weeks they’ll go through a major growth spurt bringing all sorts of changes. This final stage of pregnancy is when your baby begins to receive immunity to infection, which is provided by your placenta in the form of antibodies. Once your baby is born, breastfeeding will boost this immunity.

Should they be born right now, your baby’s lungs are strong enough to let them breathe, but the rest of their body would have a lot of catching up to do. Currently, their heart-rate is beating at an average of 150bpm – boys’ hearts beat slightly faster, whereas girls’ hearts beat slightly slower.

Taking the time to include some gentle exercise will aid relaxation, improve your strength and stamina ready for labour, and help you to stay at a healthy weight during pregnancy and get your figure back afterwards. There’s no need to embark on a strenuous regime; a daily, gentle, low-impact walk or a swimming session is enough. Ask at your local pool about ‘aquanatal’ classes; the water will allow you to exercise safely while supporting your body and bump. There are also some yoga classes which are designed with pregnant women in mind. Whatever exercise you enjoy, always let your instructor know how pregnant you are, and remember to drink plenty of fluids before during and after.

A handful of dried fruit, pumpkin or sunflower seeds make an ideal post-exercise snack. They’re a good source of slow-release energy and are packed with vitamins and minerals such as zinc and protein.

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If you have questions about your pregnancy, give our Careline team a call on 800 6458 6262 (UAE)/ +971 4 420 9489 (Other countries) between the hours of 9am and 6pm Saturday to Thursday.

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