Week 07


12 mm

Your baby is now as big as a blueberry and growing at a remarkable pace. Your belly might not yet be showing, but there are other physical changes that you’re bound to start experiencing. Find out what you can look forward to in Week 7.

At roughly 12mm long, your baby’s digestive tract is now developing and breathing passages are appearing, which will later form lungs. Their arms and legs are lengthening into more baby-like shapes. Eyelids are forming, along with toes and fingers which have thick webbing between them. As the tip of the nose becomes more distinct, the nostrils become more defined. Although they are still too small to feel anything, the muscle fibres that are forming are giving your baby the ability to perform small, jerky movements.

During pregnancy your immune system adapts to accept and protect your baby, as well as yourself. Now’s the time to give your immune system as much support as possible by eating healthily and being extra careful when preparing food. Don’t take any any chances if something’s not as fresh as you’d like, avoid foods which could pose a risk, wash all food thoroughly and wash your hands regularly.

If you’re a smoker and you haven’t given up yet, now’s the time to seriously consider quitting. Every cigarette you smoke seriously harms your baby and can even restrict their oxygen supply which, at this stage in their development, is vital. Although some women report disliking the taste of cigarettes once they become pregnant, for others giving up is not so easy. There’s lots of help and support available – speak to your doctor.

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If you have any concerns or want to talk to someone about the best things to eat and drink, give one of our Careline advisors a call on 800 6458 6262 (UAE)/ +971 4 420 9489 (Other countries).

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